Stay Motivated During a Workout

So beads of sweat have already started to form on your forehead and your cheeks are flushed. You look down at your watch… and seriously…it has only been eight minutes? You have to be kidding me. It takes everything in you to not throw in the towel right then and there. We have all been there! Some days it’s easier to wake up feeling energetic, motivated, and like you can tackle anything. Other days it may feel harder to find the motivation, so what do you do? Well I have some tips that may just help!

  1. Buddy system: Having an exercise partner helps you feel more motivated, provide accountability, and actually can improve your overall workout. Having a person cheering you on and pushing you will make working out so much more fun. So make it a game, after all who doesn’t love a little friendly competitive energy.
  2. Add Variation: So let’s take a break from the treadmill and lets pick up a weight, get on a bike, or take a dance class. The more you switch it up, the happier you will be! Sometimes a little something new is all you need to get excited about working out.
  3. Do Not Stare At the Clock: A watched pot never boils, and a watch clock will never tick! This not only will distract you, but you will not put in your 120% if all you are doing is watching the time slowly pass. The sooner you get in the zone, the faster the time will go. Trust me.
  4. Be Your Own Cheerleader: I do this all the time and it may sound crazy! I am a huge believer in motivational phrases. I will whisper, “You got this!” or “You’re killing it, just a little while longer!” and repeat it over and over again. Little phrases like that help me get through that final stretch and they help me feel energized.