Step into the world of Muay Thai at Urban Boxing, led by renowned instructor Mike Easton. This class welcomes participants of all skill levels to master the art of “The Science of Eight Limbs.” Through rigorous training that includes kickboxing techniques, footwork, striking, and unique elbow and knee maneuvers, this class offers a comprehensive approach to this powerful martial art.

What You’ll Learn

  • Muay Thai Techniques: Dive into Muay Thai by learning key skills such as powerful kicks, sharp elbow strikes, and strategic knee use.
  • Advanced Combinations and Footwork: Enhance your agility and ability to execute complex striking combinations effectively.
  • Offensive and Defensive Skills: Practice with partners to perfect both your attacking strategies and defensive postures.

Class Structure

  • Warm-Up (5-10 mins): Begin with dynamic stretches and cardio exercises to prepare your body for the demands of Muay Thai.
  • Partner Drills: Engage in detailed partner drills where you will alternate between offensive and defensive roles, allowing for a balanced skill set development.
  • Technique Refinement and HIIT: Incorporate high-intensity interval training to improve your cardiovascular fitness, along with focused bag work to refine technique and build power.
  • Cool Down (10 mins): Conclude with light sparring sessions that apply the day’s learning in practice, followed by core strengthening and stretching to aid recovery.

Instructors and Equipment

  • Instructor: Mike Easton, an expert in Muay Thai, provides tailored instruction that ensures students not only learn the techniques but also understand the discipline and culture behind them.
  • Equipment: Gloves, shin-guards, and wraps are provided to all participants to ensure safety and effectiveness during training. Personal gear is welcome.


  • Martial Arts Mastery: Acquire skills in one of the most effective stand-up fighting disciplines.
  • Physical Fitness: Boost your strength, agility, and endurance with a workout that balances cardio, strength training, and technique.
  • Mental Discipline: Develop mental toughness and strategic thinking through disciplined training and practice.

Why Choose Urban Boxing?

Our Muay Thai class offers a unique opportunity to explore an ancient and respected martial art under the guidance of a seasoned instructor. Whether you are new to martial arts or seeking to add to your skill set, Urban Boxing provides a supportive and challenging environment for learning Muay Thai. Join us to build your skills, fitness, and confidence through this powerful combat sport.